About Brian

copywriter in Tucson, AZ

This is who I am: 

  • A website copywriter in Tucson, AZ​ helping businesses build their brands.
  • SEO and Content strategist helping businesses rank on Google.
  • Writer who has been published on the Good Men Project and various marketing websites.

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I have a simple philosophy...

Do great work, live a little, and help my clients reach their goals.

That's it. And to reach your goals, you need a copywriter who can write sales-worthy words.

I'm not talking about piecing together a few good sounding, persuasive words.. no!​ I'm talking about the good stuff...

...the type of copy that boosts engagement, drives sales, and makes a difference.

That is what I have been doing for the past 3+ years for hard-working professionals and businesses looking to amp up their marketing efforts.​

Want to speak about your project?

Website Copywriting is powerful...

When I write your website's copy, you can:

• Target customer's emotions with sales writing,

• Gain favor with Google from on-page optimization,

• WOW customers who never forget with branding.