The Rosario Group

How I've Helped

•​ Crafted a message showing potential clients the story behind The Rosario Group. 

• Created a benefit-centric website to show potential clients how each service affects them.

​• Advised on tertiary projects related to SEO and Social Media

The Rosario Group

About The Rosario Group

The Rosario Group is a consulting group in the hospitality and restaurant industry. 

The company was created from Cassandra Rosario's NYC food blog, Food Before Love. Catching the interest of foodies and the restaurant industry, leaders of New York City hospitality have turned to The Rosario Group to solve their social media marketing and event planning needs. 

I was approached in 2016 to redo the branding and copy on the main consulting website. ​There were three basic improvements I made to the copy: 

1. ​I made each service clear and easy to understand. 

2. I showed readers the benefits of each service.

3. The copy was crafted to fit into her sales process. (the website is only found after Cassandra tells clients to take a look)

Brian completed the task in record time and I loved how concerned he was with meeting the needs of the contract. The copy he provided was engaging and I felt apart of the process which showed how good a communicator he is. I would recommend Brian to anyone interested in his skills!
Cassandra Rosario 
Owner of The Rosario Group

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The Rosario Group's Website

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