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•​ Streamlined the content creation process  

• Crafted compelling articles to drive traffic and exposure

​• Advised on content production needs and lead generation

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About TRED

TRED is as a groundbreaking car selling platform which aims to disrupt the "showroom" aspect of car shopping.

If they had a single motto, it would be this, "get out of the dealership, buy cars within the community."

Since its founding, the company has received a total of $4 million in funding from investors like Rick Wagoner (General Motors CEO) and Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital) which, along with its recent partnership will Ally Financial, has poised the company in a position to disrupt the car dealership industry. 

I was approached in early 2017 to help bring their content marketing campaign to life. They needed content that would speak to their target customers (Seattle drivers, people tired of dealers and salesman, people who wanted a great car with guarantees). 

I still work with them today writing articles to help readers learn about dealership costs, innovative technology for car shopping, and saving money. 

Want to see some samples from this project? 

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